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    General COVID-19 Information

    Rhode Island Department of Health | 401-222-8022 (COVID-19 info line)
    Visit their website for the latest updates about COVID-19, state policies and resources
    United Way | 2-1-1
    Call with questions related to COVID-19 resources & aid

    COVID-19 Testing Informationprovider information & patient transportation

    Provider Information
    To schedule testing for a stable patient who does not require hospitalization, choose from one of the following drive-through testing options:
    1. Department of Health: (result in ~72 hours)
    Patient Transportation
    After the test has been scheduled, provide the patient with the location and time of the test and instruct them to call MTM to arrange transportation if they have no other means of traveling to the test site.
    MTM: 1-855-330-9131 (requires 24 hour notice, but may make exceptions)

    Food and Meals Informationmeal sites, families with children, food deliveries, & other

    Meal Sites and food pantries

    • Amos House | 460 Pine St. Providence | 401-272-0220
      Serves to-go meals for breakfast (M-F 7-8am), lunch (M-Sat 11am-12:30pm), dinner (M-Sat 4-5pm)
    • McCauley House | 622 Elmwood Ave Providence | 401-941-9013
      Serves to-go meals daily for breakfast (8-9:30am) and lunch (11:15am-1pm)
    • RI Community Food Bank
      Provides a regularly updated food assistance list, including meal sites and food pantries organized by city/town
    • RI Coalition for the Homeless
      Provides daily updates to their list of active food pantries and meal sites throughout Rhode Island
      *Note: this list includes school sites, where all children are eligible for free meals.

    Families with children

    Food Deliveries


    • Expensify app | How to get reimbursed for your groceries
      Offering a $50 cash reimbursement for people who buy groceries using SNAP benefits
    • Diocese of Providence
      Distributing Stop and Shop gift cards to people who are now out of work due to COVID-19 at the following locations:
      West Warwick Office | 401-823-6211
      Woonsocket Office | 401-762-2849
      Wakefield Office | 401-783-3149

    Housing InformationShelters, Evictions, Utilities & Emergency Funds


    • Crossroads | 160 Broad Street, Providence | 401-277-4316 (intake)
      Open for shelter and to-go meals
      Case Management is still available remotely, but all other services have been suspended indefinitely
    • Harrington Hall | 30 Howard Street, Cranston | 401-462-0724
      Open for shelter, males only, guaranteeing beds for multiple night stays
    • Providence Rescue Mission | 627 Cranston Street | 401-274-8861
    • Amos House | 460 Pine Street, Providence | 401-272-0220
    • Emmanuel House | 239 Public Street, Providence | 401-421-7888
      Males only
    • McKinney | 15 Meeting Street, Newport | 401-846-6385
    • Welcome House | 8 North Road, Peace Dale | 401-782-4770
    • WARM | 56 Spruce Street, Westerly | 401-596-9276
    • CCA | 176 Sayles Street, Woonsocket | 401-767-0886
      Females only
    • Domestic Violence Shelter | 1-800-494-8100
      Address not shared for privacy

      *Coordinated Entry System has been suspended. It is now recommended that individuals seeking shelter call the shelter prior to going to confirm if a bed will be available


    State courts will not process any residential or commercial evictions until after April 17, 2020.
    *Note: this date may be subject to change/extension
    An official eviction moratorium applying to people living in federally subsidized housing is in place until 7/23/20. This includes no new eviction complaints, protection from charge fees or penalties related to rent non-payment, and no Notice to Vacate until after the end of the moratorium. It is important to note that this does not constitute a rent freeze and if tenants can pay rent, they should pay rent. Public housing residents with questions can contact Rhode Island Legal Services at 401-274-2652 ext. 123
    Tenants in private rental housing can call the Rhode Island Center for Justice at 401-491-1101.


    National Grid
    Utility terminations (gas, electric, water, and wastewater) for residential households have been suspended by order of the RI Division of Public Utilities until 4/15*.
    *Note: this date may be subject to change/extension).

    Emergency Funds

    HousingHelpRI |
    Providing emergency housing assistance to very low-income renters who have been impacted by the COVID-19 emergency and are at immediate risk of homelessness
    Capital Good Fund | 866-584-3651 | Apply online
    Providing Crisis Relief Loans for those impacted by COVID-19
    Loans range from $500-$1500 and can be used toward rent and utility payments (and other expenses)

    Internet and Wifi InformationPublic Hotspot locations & Internet Provider Services

    Wifi Hotspots

    Providence Community Libraries
    Free wifi has been extended to the area surrounding each library

    Internet Service Providers

    AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint
    Offering free mobile hotspot activation through 5/13*. This is meant for people who don’t have access to Wi-fi, and it is encouraged to only use this service as needed

    Offering a more affordable internet option through 5/5*. The first two months of service are free followed by a $9.95 monthly charge.

    *Note: these dates may be subject to change/extension

    Transportation Provider InformationRIPTA & MTM

    • Kennedy Plaza and Elmwood Ave. offices closed; Newport and Pawtucket Transit Centers closed
    • Any disability/senior bus passes set to expire this month will be automatically extended for at least another month
    • If 2-year bus pass has been lost or stolen, call 781-9400 to receive a temporary card valid through May 31, 2020
    • Remains fully operational during COVID-19
    • Application for MTM can be found here

    Mental and Behavioral Health ServicesCrisis Services, Hotlines & coping strategies

    Crisis Services

    BH Link | 975 Waterman Avenue East Providence | 401-414-5465
    Provides immediate help to people experiencing a mental health crisis. Visit BH Link’s 24/7 triage center at the above address or call for transportation services.

    The Providence Center | Multiple Locations | 401-528-0123
    Open and continuing to take new clients for outpatient services
    For mental health crisis and emergencies: 401-274-7111
    For intake: 401-276-4020

    Gateway | 401-729-8701
    Walk-In and Emergency Services Locations:
    Gateway | 103 Beacon Street, Providence | 401-722-3560
    Gateway Emergency Services | 1443 Hartford Ave., Johnston | 401-273-8100
    South Shore Center | 4705A Old Post Road, Charlestown | 401-364-7705


    • Disaster Distress Hotline | 800-985-5990 | Text TalkWithUs to 66746*
    • Victims of Crime Helpline | 800-494-8100*
      Run by RI Coalition Against Domestic Violence
    • Domestic Violence Hotline | List of hotlines and organizations
    • National Suicide Prevention Hotline | 800-273-8255*
    *These services are available 24/7

    Coping Strategies

    Rhode Island Department of Health
    Tips for Coping with Stress – This webpage includes tips for coping with stress during COVID-19 as well as a list of resources

    Substance Use and Recovery InformationServices, Meetings & Harm Reduction


    • BH LINK | 975 Waterman Ave., East Providence | 401-414-5465
      Crisis stabilization and referral to services
    • Anchor Recovery Community Center | 401-889-5770
      Call for immediate connection to a Peer Recovery Specialist
    • RICARES | 401-475-2960
      Call to be connected with a Peer Recovery Specialist
    • Providence Safe Stations
      Go to any Providence fire station 24/7 to be connected with Peer Support and other services


    Harm Reduction

    Project Weber*Renew | 640 Broad Street | 401-383-4888
    Drop-in center hours are Monday-Friday 11am-3pm
    Open for distribution of harm reduction supplies and outreach services – supplies include naloxone, syringe exchange/safe injection kits, fentanyl test strips, condoms, snacks and water
    RICARES | 401-475-2960
    Offering Naloxone/fentanyl test strip deliveries statewide

    Employment and Income InformationUnemployment Insurance & Temporary Disability Insurance

    Unemployment Insurance

    If you are out of work and are not being compensated, you may be eligible for Unemployment Insurance (UI). If your place of business closes, directed by your employer to remain home, or staying home to care for children, you may be eligible for unemployment insurance. The seven day waiting period is waived for COVID-19 related claims.

    Click here to apply for UI
    Please be sure to indicate that your claim is a result of COVID-19

    Temporary Disability Insurance

    If you are unable to work due to illness or mandated to quarantine, but your place of business remains open, you may be eligible for Temporary Disability Insurance (TDI). The seven day waiting period is waived for COVID-19 related claims.

    Click here to apply for TDI
    Please be sure to indicate that your claim is a result of COVID-19

    Additional Information

    Click here for the Department of Labor and Training’s Workplace Fact Sheet

    If you have additional questions about unemployment/temporary disability insurance, please contact the RI Department Labor and Training by email at or by phone at (401)462-2020. Please be sure to provide your name, telephone number and email address.

    Provider Information

    For people who are sick and under quarantine as a result of COVID-19, they can self-attest in lieu of medical provider attestation for the first 14 days of their claim. If the individual wishes to extend their TDI benefits, a signed medical attestation is required.Otherwise, they can apply to receive UI after the 14 day period has ended.

    No medical attestation is required

    For Job Seekers
    Statewide jobs search engine re-launched during COVID-19 to help connect Rhode Islanders with open jobs

    General and Vital Informationundocumented Immigrants, refugees & people experiencing homelessness

    Undocumented immigrants and refugees

    General Information
    • Any Rhode Island Community Health Center (for adults and children)
      See Rhode Island Health Center Association Website for a list of health centers or call 401-274-1771 for more information.
    • Rhode Island Free clinic (for adults only) | 401-274-6374
    • Clinica Esperanza-Hope Clinic (for adults only) | 401-347-9093
      For patients who might have COVID-19, call 401-408-0238. Spanish language services available.

    People experiencing homelessness

    Rhode Island Coalition for the Homeless | 401-721-5685
    COVID-19 Updates
    Warming Centers
    Hygiene Stations
    Rhode Island Department of Health
    Dial 401-222-8022 for the RIDOH COVID-19 Information Line
    Funding temporary housing and transportation for people who are homeless and test positive for COVID-19 or are under quarantine

    For information on Shelters and Meals, please see Food and Housing sections in this guide.