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Shelters and prisons often have strict policies in place for residents regarding policies like duration of stay and expectations within facilities. Individuals with certain disabilities, injuries, or medical conditions who are residing within these facilities may benefit from changes in protocols or additional resources, such as increasing the length of stay policy due to a medical procedure, requesting that children with diabetes be allowed to keep food inside of the room, or requesting a bottom bunk for a person who cannot safely ascend to a top bunk.

This resource provides sample language that providers can use to advocate for temporary accommodations for patients within shelters or prisons.


  1. Shelters & Prisons Request for General Accommodation Letter Template
  2. [For Lifespan Providers] General Accommodation Letter Template with Lifespan Letterhead
  3. Shelters & Prisons Request for Lower Bunk Letter Template
  4. [For Lifespan Providers] Lower Bunk Letter Template with Lifespan Letterhead

Next steps

This form should be given directly to the shelter/ facility where the person is staying or wants to stay.