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RIPTA offers a Reduced Fare Bus Pass Program that allows low-income people with disabilities to travel free for two years. If accessing public transportation is essential for a patient’s activities of daily living, then this letter can be used to advocate for the patient to receive a free two-year bus pass. Refer to the Social Security Administration Blue Book – Adult Listings (Part A) to determine the specific condition that your patient has in order to document in the letter.

One of the following items is necessary for documentation of a disability, and the provider should assist with providing this:

1). Certification of Disability (included with letter template)

2). Medicare card with a disability code

3). An SSI or SSDI Award Letter or certification

4). A letter from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs with a disability rating at or above 40%


  1. RIPTA Disability Letter Template

Next steps

This form should be mailed to RIPTA (address is on letter template) or brought directly to a RIPTA office location at:
Kennedy Plaza, M&W
703 Elmwood Ave, Tu&Th