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Virtually every public transportation authority in the U.S. allows low-income people with a disability or over the age of 65 to receive a subsidized, or free, public transportation pass.
Here in Rhode Island RIPTA offers a Reduced Fare Bus Pass Program that enables low-income people with disabilities or over the age of 65 to purchase a two-year bus pass for $10. The healthcare professional can support a patient in accessing this bus pass if the professional believes the patient has a disability and accessing public transportation is essential for a patient’s activities of daily living, including accessing health care.  

The application for low-income people living with a disability requires that proof of disability be submitted in the form of an SSI/SSDI award letter, a Medicare card with a disability code, or a letter from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs with a disability rating at or above 40%. However, if your patient does not receive SSI/SSDI or is unable to access any of the above documents, you as the health care provider may write a Certification of Disability for the patient to submit with their application (included within the letter template on this page). This is a powerful tool since many patients with a disability either have not been granted SSI/SSDI or have misplaced documents related to their disability. This should not preclude their access to transportation, hence the option for a patient’s health care provider to write a Certification of Disability.

Applications for RIPTA’s Reduced Fare Bus Pass Program can now be submitted online. Full details are available on the program’s homepage here. Both the online and paper applications can be found here

Note: As an update to the process, RIPTA no longer wants specific Blue Book diagnoses codes to be listed on the application due to PHI/HIPAA concerns. Please be sure to include your provider license and/or NPI number at the bottom of the letter.


  1. RIPTA Disability Letter Template

Next steps

This completed application should be submitted online or dropped off at:

705 Elmwood Ave.
Providence, RI 02907