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Under the Federal Fair Housing Act, individuals living with disabilities have the right to request a reasonable accommodation in the rules, policies, or services of a housing provider. Landlords must make a change or modification to “allow a person with a disability the equal opportunity to use and enjoy a dwelling.”

Three documents in total are typically required for a reasonable accommodation request:

1). Healthcare Provider Letter

2). Patient (Tenant) Maintenance Letter

3). Disability Verification Form

The provider should edit and print the healthcare provider template letter to go along with the disability verification form. Additionally, the provider should print and help the patient fill out the patient (tenant) maintenance letter so that the information on all three forms matches.


  1. Healthcare Provider Letter Template
  2. [For Lifespan Providers] Healthcare Provider Letter Template with Lifespan Letterhead
  3. Patient (Tenant) Maintenance Letter Template
  4. Disability Verification Form

Next steps

These three forms should be given to the housing provider (i.e. landlord) from whom the patient is requesting a reasonable accommodation.