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There is significant evidence that deportation from the United States can be a traumatic and stressful experience that has been shown to worsen physical and mental health outcomes. Immigrant communities that have experienced immigration raids or deportations have been found to have higher rates of stress and fear and lower rates of healthcare utilization. Being deported can lead to separation from family and friends, loss of employment, and even violence or persecution within countries of origin — all of which can severely exacerbate stress, depression, and anxiety for patients. Children of parents who have been deported may also experience heightened psychological distress and trauma, posing a high risk of long-term mental illness.

This tool can be used to advocate for patients who are at risk of being deported by highlighting specific ways in which the physical or mental health of patients would be negatively affected by deportation.


  1. Preventing Deportation Letter Template

Next steps

Instruct your patient to take this letter to his/her/their attorney, who will then determine whether and how to present it to the judge or immigration officials.